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Our Founders

We are in a unique position at the intersection of cutting edge technology & forward-thinking health research, and we're just getting started.

Dr. Brennan Spiegel


Co-founder/Co-Chief Medical Officer

  • Professor of Medicine, Public Health, & Digestive Diseases
  • Director of Health Services Research for Cedars-Sinai Health System
  • Co-Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Gastroenterology

Harnessing technology to help an exponentially higher number of patients continues to be a very exciting prospect to me.

Dr. William D. Chey


Co-founder/Co-Chief Medical Officer

  • Professor of Medicine
  • Director of the GI Physiology Lab, University of Michigan
  • Former Co-Editor-in-Chief of the American College of Gastroenterology

Industry Buzz

"Patients fill out a questionnaire, and [MyGiHealth] translates that into a history of patient illness -- one so detailed and clear that in a blind test, independent reviewers and medicare billers universally found it superior to the patient history created by a doctor."
"MyGiHealth’s visuals and tutorials provide a channel that keeps its users on track and away from harmful misinformation."
"I regularly 'prescribe' the remarkable MyGiHealth Mobile App for my patients to complete prior to visits. It significantly improves quality of care and efficiency by increasing the likelihood an accurate history will be expressed, which is essential for arriving at the diagnosis. Thereafter, patients can both monitor as well as learn about their symptoms."

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