Expert discusses diet as emerging cause, management strategy for GI disease

As seen in Healio Gastroenterology :

HONOLULU — Watch William D. Chey, MD, FACG, professor of medicine at the University of Michigan health system, and director of the GI Nutrition and Behavioral Wellness Program at the University of Michigan, discuss the David Sun Lecture, which he delivered during the ACG 2015 Annual Postgraduate Course.

A “main message of my talk was the importance of having a GI dietician as part of a multidisciplinary team to manage patients with GI symptoms,” Chey said. “A GI dietician can not only make sure that any diet interventions are provided in a complete and medically responsible way, but they can also provide a a really important sounding board that can actually improve efficiency and satisfaction amongst patients who are trying to start and maintain a diet strategy as a way to improve their GI symptoms.”

- Commentary by Dr. William Chey

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